With Love From Italy

Norissa Morse

Fall and Fabulous

When you combine architect and photographer Cristina Zamagnis style , and knitwear designer Michel Bergamos sense of proportion with textile design the result is an outstanding collaboration of two brilliant and compatible talents.

Boboutic- a knitwear collection like no other has arrived.

This highly creative team collaborated in 2000 and has been the ones to watch ever since. Presenting at Paris Fashion Week since 2001, Boboutic has become known for their innovative pieces that use traditional knit-and-stitch techniques.

Their constant research for new materials and production methods has kept them current and cutting-edge in the fashion industry.

All materials are created and have a unique texture and all yarns are exquisite.

LuxCouture has had the pleasure of working Boboutic. Each collection is unique and striking. No two pieces are ever quite the same. They keep us on our toes , waiting to see what brilliant design elements they can incorporate . . Beautiful exquisite knitwewar that reminds us of those perfect fall days where the temperature has a slight chill and you want to wear something cozy and chic.

And of course, exclusively ours.


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