Bougeotte Flaneur Loafer

Sari Brown

Introducing Bougeotte, Italy

Flaneur loafer in Blue and Black suede made in Italy

Your feet will thank you!

As a self proclaimed shoe maven I never stop hunting for the perfect pair.

Oh , my aching feet, especially after standing on them all day.

I have found the perfect pair!

Introducing Bougeotte, Italy.

The loafer is timeless and elegant. Over the history of this familiar style we have seen many different interpretations. The Bougeotte loafer is more than timeless, it is feminine and comfortable. Form follows function .


Bougeotte is familiar and interesting. It is elegant on the foot. The Bougeotte woman appreciates simplicity.

We appreciate simplicity. Timeless , shoes to be worn and loved.

The symbol of the bee as the Bougeotte logo symbolizes creativity and life.

Each shoe has a slightly different coordinated color bee placed back of the shoe.

I fell head over heels for these.

And so my mission began.

Today they arrived at LuxCouture .

And you simply must come and try them on.

Made in Italy with exquisite craftsmanship the Bougeotte loafer is always of the moment.


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Walking with style

walking with comfort.