Moreau Paris-Handbag Perfection

Sari Brown

Moreau Paris is the only name you need to remember when it comes to handbags.

My passion for these handmade unique handbags has taken on a cult following with those in the know.

I discovered Moreau many years ago during one of my Parisian buying trips. I immediately went to their shop located on Rue De Miromensil in the 8th.

Heaven was just beyond the door as I stepped into their little shop, painted in Moreau Blue. I was convinved that these bags were going to be the next biggest IT bag.

It was handbag heaven for me.

And they are every bit the IT bag.

Its been a long time since a bag was so sought after.

Nothing makes me happier.

They are not just IT bags, they are finely crafted, each individually by hand in the most discreet ateliers in Paris.

“Founded in 1882 in Paris, France, Moreau began as a manufacturer of luxury leather goods, accessories and travel trunks, until the beginning of the 20th century when the company closed. In 2011, the house Rovnoff revived the brand and released a new, limited-edition collection of luggage and handbags under the brand name Moreau-Paris, which also opened a boutique in Paris in October 2012.”

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Savchenko and his talented staff.

Each season exciting ,with new details, new designs and new shapes/

Color combinations as only Mr. Sacvchenko is multi colors put together in ways that you would not expect.

Shapes that stand the test of time and of course the durability .

Moreau Paris designer Fedor George Savchenko, who has previously worked for Goyard, has created a line of handbags which are principally characterized by their classy, functional style. The collection is entirely handmade in Moreau’s saddlery and each handbag features the historic Moreau logo embossed on the interior.

We can work with you for your dream bag, in your dream color, or select from our inventory. We are always receiving new Moreau bags weekly.


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