Luxury. Quality. Elegance.

Norissa Morse

D.Exterior’s philosophy is simple.

It starts with Nadia Zanola, she became the soul and creative mind of D. Exterior.

The brand started in the late 1950’s in Brescia, Italy and since follows the same practice to ensure the best quality and designs.

They produce luxury quality clothing using the finest, fair-traded, Italian materials.

Their Oriental silks are dyed and treated in Italy to ensure proper care throughout the process.

The details are in the craftsmanship, and the hard work is seen on every piece.

With such great attention to detail, and a strong foundation, D. Exterior continues to grow and export worldwide.

Discover the rich colors and beautiful creations by D.Exterior at LuxCouture.

From open cardigans, to the everyday pant, D. Exterior has a wonderful new spring collection in store now.


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