Bess & Jan define EPICE

Norissa Morse

Co-founder and artistic director, Bess Nielsen, brought to life her passion for Indian culture and her background in fashion design school. What an exotic combination it is.

Vibrant colors and modern textile work has made the designs of Epice truly one-of-a-kind.

Co-founder and designer, Jan Machenhauer also has a background in fashion design. Jan and Bess became a dynamic duo. Their backgrounds from Design School of Copenhagen has brought them together for numerous projects.

By 1999, Epice was born. By 2010 stores began to open, and soon branched into more than just scarves.

The enthusiasm and creativity that Jan and Bess bring to this line can be seen on each and every item created.

LuxCouture is happy to share this collection. We have select styles year round that are available in store.

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