The Softest Cashmere: Oats

Norissa Morse

Oats Cashmere planted its roots in 2009 creating cozy on trend knitwear that is designed for the fashionable, fashion forward woman.

Not all Cashmere is created equal, and we fell in love with Oats when we realized that their sweaters were better than most expensive brands (that we shall not name) and every bit well made.

Cashmere that is delicious and made to make you feel warm and comforted.

The long , bottom fringe cardigan is the perfect Holiday piece to wrap you up in .

Oats makes their clothing from the thick fleece of the cashmere Pashmina goat, sourced only from the best.

Our newest Oats collection has arrived and is just waiting for you to fall in love.

Experience the difference.

Time for a change, because you deserve it.


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